System Requirements

 Glow 2 has new system requirements! 


 OS: OS X 10.9, 10.10, 10.11

 GPU: OpenGL 3.3 support or higher

 GPU VRAM: At least 1GB What is this?

 System RAM: At least 4GB

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 OS: Windows 7, 8, or 10 - 64bit Only

 GPU: OpenGL 3.3 support or higher

 GPU VRAM: At least 1GB What is this?

 System RAM: At least 4GB

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Not compatible? No worries! You can still use Glow 1, by grabbing the installer from the page below:

 Previous Versions

 File Type Support:

 JPEG - supported

 PNG - supported

 TIFF - supported

 RAW (DNG, CR2, etc) - not supported*

*If you would like to edit your RAW files you will either need to use a host editor that can read them like Lightroom or Photoshop, or convert it to one of the formats listed above

Glow Now Includes Masking!

Spot, Color, Luminosity, and Brush Masks available

You no longer need a host editor like Photoshop to create masks on your images! Now, you can open Glow and begin creating your masterpiece right away, and mask areas of your image directly from the application. To see a video overview of our masking options, please see the video below:

We provide you with four masking options:

The Spot Mask

The spot mask is the most basic of masks available to you in Glow 2. Create a soft vignette effect, a subtle transition, or other interesting effects with the spot mask in Glow 2.

The Color Mask

The color mask is an advanced masking technique that uses color value differences to create a mask for you. This mask is great for images that are clearly defined by color edges, and can bring a unique feel to the image you are creating.

The Luminosity Mask

The luminosity mask is an advanced masking technique that uses luminosity values to determine edges for the mask, and creates the mask for you. This mask can create detailed effects on light sources and 'glowing' portions of your image.

The Brush Mask

The brush mask puts all the control of the mask into your hands. Here, you can brush the effect in and out, and touch up edges around your subject in the image you are creating. Use the Color Aware tool to create a clean mask along edges of your subject!

New Effects Added

More than 50 new effects, totalling more than 120 included effects!

75 effects from Glow 1 included

Here are the new effects to look for:

Air Brush III
Amped Up I
Amped Up II
Auto Shine
Ballpoint Pen
Bliss II
Burn It Down
Color Blocks
Color Etching
Color Etching II
Color Me Grunge
Contrast and Color
Contrast Cables
Cuddly Critter I
Cuddly Critter II
Electric Edges
Electric Eye
Exclusion Fusion
Flower Power I
Flower Power II
Fractal Shine
Hello Highlights I
Hello Highlights II
Infused Radiation
Ion Radiation
Linear Light I
Linerar Light II
Liquid Color
Liquid Color I
Liquid Color II
Morning Mist I
Morning Mist II
Mysterious III
Neon Paintbrush
Night Vision I
Night Vision II
Oh Hey Overlay
Oil Spill I
Oil Spill II
Punched I
Punched II
Sapphire Charge
Saturated Swirls
Shining Screen I
Shining Screen II
So Soft I
So Soft II
So Soft III
Soft Ectoplasm
Striking Snowflake
Subtly Squiggly
You're A Wizard

Topaz Community

Topaz Community

The Topaz Community that was introduced with Texture Effects has now been expanded to include Glow 2! All you need to do to access this feature, and begin exploring effects created by other Topaz users, is selecting the Browse button at the top of the effects panel. You can also resize the panel, to two columns wide, to see the Local/Community/Both option for effects.

Effects Sync

Glow 2 will save your custom effects for you! In order for this feature to work, you must first login to the Topaz Community. You can do this by selecting the Community → Login menu option. Then, every effect that you save in Glow 2 will be available on any machine that you login to. This feature will require you to sign in to the account you used to create the custom effects.

Effects Panel

Glow 2 allows you to resize your effects preview panel. There are two ways to do this:

Using the Browse Button

Click the Browse button once to expand to two columns. Click a second time to expand to four columns. A third click returns you to the single column view.

Using the Drag Handle

Click the edge of the effects preview panel, and drag to the left. The preview panel will show as many columns as your screen has room for.

The effect preview will show only items from the category you have selected, so if you aren't seeing as many effects as you are expecting, make sure you're looking under the All Category to really see the beauty of a four column effect preview panel!

Performance Tweaks/Improvements

Large Image Support

Glow 2 now supports very large images. The more powerful your graphics card, the larger the image you can process reliably. Here's a guide showing how large of an image you should expect to be able to process, based on the VRAM in your GPU:

Minimum: 1GB → up to 8,000px wide

Recommended: 2GB → up to 12,000px wide

Best: 4GB+ → up to 20,000px wide

Automatic Preset Migration

If you have created custom presets in Glow 1, and want to make sure you can continue using them in Glow 2, we have good news! Glow 2 detects those custom presets from your previous version and adds them to the application's My Presets category during installation. This means you can seamlessly update and continue to use the latest version of Glow, without the added work of moving your presets.

Undo/Redo Controls

Another highly requested feature, the undo/redo ability has been added to Glow 2. This undo/redo function is unlimited, which means that Glow will allow you to go back and forth, as far back as your system memory will allow. No more making a slight change and not being able to correct it!

Blending Controls

Glow 2 has added 22 new blend modes to the application, which provides even more control over the effects you apply, and how they impact your image. We are excited to see how many different creations our customers can come up with using these new blend modes! Also, blend modes preview when you hover over each option, for an instant comparison!

22 New Blend Modes

Color Burn
Linear Burn
Darker Color
Color Dodge
Linear Dodge
Lighter Color
Vivid Light
Linear Light
Pin Light
Hard Mix
Inverse Screen

How To Update

If you already have Glow:

Updates are free!

That's right, all Topaz Labs updates are free. This means that if you own Glow already, all you have to do is download the Glow 2 installer, activate with your current license key, and you're done!

If you do not have a 30-digit license key, and have an alpha-numeric code, please register your code at the page below:
Once you register, your license key will then be found on your My Account Page.

If you do not have Glow:


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