How To Delete Your Plist Files

Plist files are Mac files that allow you to save preferences in the apps you use. Occasionally they may need to be deleted to restore proper functionality to a program experiencing a conflict. You'll want to follow these steps when another article or situation calls for deleting your .plist file.

1. Quit out of the Application
2. Open a Finder window
3. Hit CMD + SHIFT + G to open the Go To panel
4. Enter the path ~/Library/Preferences/ into the input field. Make sure you include the ~ at the beginning.

Next, you should see a list of .plist files in this folder. Like this:

5. To find the Preferences file you need, search for the name of the Topaz Labs application you want in the search field. Make sure you are searching the Preferences folder you are currently inside. The preferences file will be named something like this: A.I. Gigapixel.plist.

Note: The files you are looking for will have the same name of the program that's giving you trouble. Gigapixel, DeNoise, Sharpen, etc. Gigapixel is used here as an example.

6. Once you have found your plist files. CNTRL + Click (or right click) and select Move to Trash to delete them. You will probably have two .plist files. If you do, delete both. If after you delete the file(s), the files still show in the Finder window that is okay.

7. Empty the trash. 8. Restart your computer using Apple Menu -> Restart

9. Start the program again