How to Clear Your Topaz Labs Registry Entries (Windows)

If you get error messages or have issues with our apps, often uninstalling the program, clearing the registry (this article), and then re-installing the latest version will solve it.

Important note: other than the specific entries we list in this article, do not delete anything else from your registry. That might affect your computer in unintended ways.

How to Clear Your Registry

1. Uninstall the software from the "Apps & features" settings on Windows 11 or "Programs and Features" on Windows 10. 

2. Open Registry Editor from the Start menu. Make sure not to change or delete anything yet.

2. Delete the registry entry for the Topaz product at the following locations:

  Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Topaz Labs LLC\Topaz [Product] AI 
3. Close Registry Editor. Re-download and re-install the latest version of your product. It should work after that.

More info 

Your Windows Registry contains preferences and settings that affect how your programs function. Programs will usually set registry items upon installation and usage. A typical example of something that might be stored in your registry is the directory that Topaz products look to find the AI model files that we use to process your images.

Uninstalling, clearing your registry, and re-installing has a high chance to fix many issues because it completely removes any traces of our products on your computer. This can resolve issues due to a corrupt installation.